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Upcoming Programs for July & August 2021

Exports Foundations Program

International SMEs face obstacles when selling to South Africa , such as accessing information on trade barriers, consumer tastes, certification requirements and distribution channels, introducing product and business process improvements, obtaining credit and export financing, and complying with customs and other procedures. In this context, We have established support programs to help SMEs overcome barriers to import.


Need to understand registration process, changes in legislation, clearance requirements, keeping of records and relevant VAT application ?


Importing into South Africa Workshop is designed for individuals and companies that import goods and services into the Republic of South Africa or want to start an importing business but do not know how to start the process.,

This workshop introduces a more practical approach to Imports and it’s VAT components so that the calculation and subsequent submission and payment to SARS are done accurately.

You will be able to understand the registration process, the changes in legislation, clearance requirements, keeping of records , VAT etc


Registration Process (ITAC and SARS)

New Processes and concepts

Buying & Selling: Rates of Exchange

Bill of Entry

Payment and Liability


Forms and their uses

New and old time periods

Transport & Movement of Goods

Importation of Services (VAT215)

Preferred Trader

New Customs Acts – Benefits

Release of Detained Goods


Temporary Imports

Advance Ruling


Business briefings

Business-to-business meetings

Market and sector presentations/discussions

Site visits (when possible)

Networking events


Access to economic and government decision-makers

On-the-ground support from Affirm Team

Unparalleled networking opportunities with the local business community

Business-to-business meetings with potential partners

South Africa market intelligence and troubleshooting

Opportunities to create export partnerships.


13/07/2021 – 16/07/2021 Affirm SA Training Centre 


22/07/2021- 24/07/2021 Affirm SA Training Centre

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10/08/2021-13/08/2021 Affirm SA Training Centre

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14/09/2021 – 17/09/2021 Affirm SA Training Centre

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12/10/2021 – 15/09/2021 Affirm SA Training Centre

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16/11/2021 – 19/11/2021 Affirm SA Training Centre

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07/12/2021 -10/12/2021 Affirm SA Training Centre

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For booking registration please contact us via telephone @ +2710 035 4207 or +2787 701 3929 or send us an email at

Exports Foundations – Strategy Preparation and Planning for Export;

Market selection

Export costings, pricing and risk

Distribution strategy

Effective international sales pitches

Market entry strategies

Managing foreign exchange transaction

Export logistics and documentation

Market research

Export marketing plan development

Marketing your business for overseas

Domestic Services

Home Sale

Quality packing and unpacking

Move management

Moving services

Sea/Air/Road transport

Shipment protection


Customs clearance

Secure storage

More channels are also offered through the program:

Export fundamentals knowledge centre – access to a suite of information, tools and connections to help businesses grow their exports

Export advice line – practical advice to help businesses with export inquiries over the phone

Our Export Workshops – takes you, step by step, through each of the key areas relating to goods exporting, and will help you develop an export plan for your business

Bespoke training events – a series of learning modules to meet industry or sector specific export needs

Free Training  – a series of webinars with a focus on emerging opportunities and new channels to market, including eCommerce and cross border sales

Networking events – for participants to build their network and learn from each other to support their overall export journey

Masterclasses – bespoke learning modules on the use of social media, and eCommerce platforms and marketplaces to expand global reach

This service is available at a reduced rate

Free one-hour coaching – on-demand and by appointment, work with our trade advisers and consultants to define your export strategy and position your business for success. Businesses can access tailored solutions and advice to enhance skills and support their individual export growth journey.

Why should you attend?

The key learning outcomes will include understanding of your product, promotion, placement/distribution and pricing strategies, your unique selling proposition and sales pitch, export budget and forecasting and next steps to support your export journey.

Who should attend?

This Masterclass is suitable for both people who are new to international business and experienced companies who may want to refresh their knowledge.

The departments within a business that this masterclass would apply to are:

Export administration




Export sales administration

Covid-19 Policies & Procedures

We are looking forward very much to welcoming our clients old and new back into our training centre.

To ensure everyone is kept well and safe we have put precautions and procedures into place to protect all our visitors and the Affirm team.

Please be assured that we are extremely resolute in our wish to keep everyone safe and well and will continue to do so for as long as we need to keep safeguards in place.

We are still big advocates of the 2 Metre rule but where this is not possible we are asking our candidates to be mindful of others and keep their distance at 1 metre +.We ask that you please wear a face mask in the reception area & toilets at all times.

Our Trainers are kept up to date with the ever changing procedures and precautions so if anyone is unsure they can ask them as well as any of the Affirm Training team.

The procedures for attending Affirm Training Centre

The procedures for attending Affirm Training Centre

On Arrival:

Hand sanitising stations are located outside reception doors, please use this each time you enter the building. All candidates will be asked to have a temperature check before entering the building. If your temperature is 37.8˚ or above or show any signs of the illness you will be asked to leave.

You may be asked to wait outside the main reception entrance door and called in once we are ready for you. This is to continue the safe social distancing of candidates & staff.

We ask that you please wear a face mask in the reception area & toilets at all times.

Signing in:

The toilets are out of the back door of the reception area. Turn right and they are situated on your left.

Please use the hand sanitiser on re-entering the building, this is also located on the wall by our back door. There are also masks and gloves available on request, should you require these.

Refreshments Room

The refreshments are in the reception area, please help yourself and be mindful of social distancing when others are also using these facilities. These facilities are regularly cleaned & sanitised throughout the duration of your training.

Please ensure you are wearing your face mask during this time.

Training Room

A Affirm team member will let you know which room you are in for the day on arrival.

All tables are set so that all candidates are at least 2 metres apart. The tables will be set with a pad & pen. The Trainer will be at least 2 metres in front of the class.

Break times

Please observe social distancing when moving from one room to another. There will be ample time for each candidate to safely collect their refreshments, use the toilets.

We ask that you please wear a face mask in the reception area & toilets at all times.

Masks and gloves are again available on request.

If you would like to enquire about our training courses and serminas, please contact us via telephone @ +2710 035 4207 or +2787 701 3929 or send us an email