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About Us

Facilitating trade expansion is our powerhouse

Facilitating trade expansion is our powerhouse. Here at Affirm we provide extensive interculturally active alignment through our absolute network, devoting time to identify client’s unbounded goals and underpinning to pioneer the worth they’re looking for.

Our organisation aligns with peculiar overseas markets, matching well-formed skills, market experience and industry centrism to provide clients in both private and public sectors with bespoke, practical advice.

We work closely with our global colleagues’ countries on behalf of our clients to create a truly international, affiliated network.

Our Services

International Trade and Development


Business Advisory and Support

International Trade and Development

Problematic regulatory documents, assessments & warehousing costs can build swiftly and become a financial strain if you are not fully acquainted with your entire supply chain. Here at Affirm we will identify the cause of the problem and develop a cost-effective solution to ensure it is eliminated. Preventing holdups at the port-of-entry is necessary for fluid international trade. If you have any queries about existing regulations, trade agreements, quotas, etc, then we are here to ensure you have the full knowledge to ensure resistance free trade. If your product has been shipped and something has happened to it before reaching your customer, we can find the cause of the problem and fix it. Your company is highly successful with clients around the globe. Your supply chain is functional, but you see that it has evolved organically over time and it may be time to reassess your structures to see if any changes could shorten time frames or reduce cost.

Trade agreements and regulations are also changing regularly, so allow Affirm to analyse your trade protocols and start recognising the incentives of efficiency. With contacts on three continents, we can find what you are searching for; from R&D prototype development to luxury brands, we have the connections to allow you to succeed.

Private Travel

Our experienced travel consultants create personalised, all-inclusive itineraries from scratch, planning everything from transportation to exclusive experiences.

We take the work out of travel so that our clients are free to focus on and enjoy every aspect of their adventure. We handle everything, including all the logistics.

Clients don’t lift a finger—not even to fill out their customs paperwork or haul their suitcases. In addition, our jets fly directly to remote places hard to reach by commercial air, saving time and allowing clients to squeeze every precious moment of pure enjoyment from their travel experiences.

Business Advisory and Support

Our business advisory services engage in all aspects of business – from overseeing finances, promoting your product or service more effectively and extensively, performing research & development, to generally improving your operations. Various factors can also cause business priorities to change; these include the social & economic environments, as well as the age of the organisation. A start-up may prioritise funding and market entry, whereas a more established undertaking will concentrate on new market penetration, transition management, innovation, and corporate authority.

Business consultation services are offered with the aim to boost undertakings, identify strengths and conquer weaknesses in particular fields. A wide range of business consultancy services are available, and every effort is made to assign the correct consultant to the particular needs of the client.

Does your business strategy require a merger or acquisition? We can offer you pro-active and pragmatic advice to ensure the best outcome.

Looking for trusted advice to grow your business? We deliver innovative solutions and trusted advice for your business needs.

Would you like support with your civil litigation or family law disputes? We provide meticulous and thorough support when you need it most.


We specialise in finding data in a forensic manner and presenting this data in a clear and concise report that is easy to understand.

Computer Forensics

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Affirm backs small and family businesses and is making it easier for them to invest, create jobs and grow the economy.

We are responsible for:

Providing expert policy advice and programs to facilitate the growth of small and family businesses.

Engaging across government to highlight issues affecting small and family businesses, and to ensure their needs are considered

Our work includes:

Listening to small and family businesses to understand challenges and opportunities they face.

Identifying opportunities to improve the operating environment for small businesses

Being accountable for making real and measurable impacts for small and family businesses

Gathering data and insights to inform evidence-based, integrated policy design across government

Enabling small and family businesses to thrive by providing the information, connections and support they need

Enhancing reputation for small and family business-friendly policies and programs


If you have any questions regarding the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, as we’re always happy to help.

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Fourth Floor 96 Rivonia Road Sandton 2196 Johannesburg SA

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South Africa

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